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Bro’sTVbeat Season 2

‘The Mandalorian’ season two: Not cancel but carnivore culture

One of the surprise hits of the contemporary streaming era is The Mandalorian, the first original series on Disney+. A surprise not because it was a hit—any Star Wars spinoff is guaranteed to have a wide audience—but because of the magnitude of its popularity and the way it has penetrated the culture. This space Western features a lone gunslinger and bounty hunter whoContinue reading “‘The Mandalorian’ season two: Not cancel but carnivore culture”

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Dennis Broe is a television, film and culture critic whose latest work is his detective novel Left of Eden, about the Hollywood Blacklist. He is also the author of Birth of the Binge: Serial TV and The End of Leisure and Maverick or How The West Was Lost. He taught in the Master’s Program in Film and Television Studies at the Sorbonne. His criticism appears in the British newspaper Morning Star, on Arts Express on the Pacifica Network in the US, on Breaking Glass on Art District Radio in Paris and at People’s World and Crime Time. He is a contributor to and associate editor of Culture Matters.

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